Finishing and die cutting
Platen die cutters and delivery systems for the folding carton industry.

UP900 Sheeter (in-line and off-line)

Flexibility of adaptation to different production needs.

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It’s the solution for the carton board industry; combining the flexibility of an in-line sheeter with the gravure printing quality.

Independently driven and digitally controlled:
Suitable both for long and short runs, thanks to its easy and quick setting features. It handles materials spanning from paper to heavy carton-board.

Both the in-feed pulling group and knife cylinder are independently driven allowing for a perfect cut to print register.

The sheets, after being cut by the knife cylinder, are slowed down by two successive sections of driven belts which deliver the sheets as a shingle. The shingle delivery allows for a perfect pile termination with the possibility of a diverting system for automatic waste rejection.