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Wax and hot-melt coating machines, solvent and solvent-less laminating equipment – in and off line – and unsupported alufoil lacquering equipment.

Duplex and Triplex laminating machine .
Duplex and Triplex high performance machine featuring multi-job coating station capable of using interchangeable coating systems.


– Single axis unwinders and rewinder or double axis fully automatic unwinders and rewinder, according to customer’s requirements
– Shaft or shaft-less reel locking
– The shaft-less system is provided with a pneumatic-mechanical expanding chuck system, to assure the operator’s safety and to avoid core damage (cardboard, plastic or metal)
– The rewinder can be equipped with an innovative no-glue splicing system


Multi-trolley coating station; the same frame can house a wide range of trolleys

High efficiency laminating machine designed to obtain the highest flexibility using a wide range of materials, plastic films, paper, alufoil, etc.

Our solvent-less coating station is provided with a triple control system to guarantee a precise coating weight consistency from zero to maximum speed, also while ramping up/down.

Hot-melt wax coating and laminating machine
It allows easy change product coating weight from 2 to 35 g/m2.

Thanks to our innovative technical solutions the AC-980-HM machine is able to process a wide product range in the hot-melt/wax sector. Its main features are:

– Extremely versatile coating system, which allows the operator to change the product’s coating weight from 2 to 35 g/m2 using only the HMI interface
– Surface smoothing system with capability to vary from shiny to opaque effects
– Immersion coating system with capability to modify the coating weight on both sides of the substrate
– New lamination system with the capability to adjust the laminating nip in both height and angle
– Very short job change-over times
– Complete machine operation through advanced Human Machine Interface System

Lacquering Machine

Unsupported alufoil coating machine for 1, 2, or 3 layers of lacquering; having the versatility to process an extensive thickness range of unsupported alufoil and film.

This high efficiency lacquering machine has the versatility to process various thicknesses of aluminium and film. The design feature of our coating station allows the coating trolley changeover with minimised machine downtime.

Our shaft-less unwinders and rewinders, thanks to their structure, can assure good tension and precision on both thin materials and aluminium reels with thicknesses up to 100 micron.

Particular attention has been given to the pasting and cutting assembly through an innovative system which, when these operations are accomplished, moves along linear guides driven by a motor, thus guaranteeing splicing efficiency with high sensitive plastic films and also with unsupported aluminium.

Another advantage is represented by the drying system with a high efficiency horizontal tunnel. The parallel vertical tunnel opening allows good access to both sides of the machine. In this way the operator can easily clean the rollers and carry out tunnel maintenance.