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Southwest’s international expansion is centered on Asia and Latin America. If you haven’t already purchased a seat, we recommend you select one at check in. Southwest Airlines is the Top U.S. carrier to the People’s Republic of China Concerning capability, with nonstop flights to Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Xi’an starting May, , in Addition to the former British territory of Hong Kong, from its hubs in Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Get your preference of stretch, aisle or window. Southwest Airlines inaugurated support to Bahrain in April , and Accra, Ghana in June , which had been the carrier’s first African destination. Choose to sit down close to the front, bath, or exit.

It has also established service from Washington D.C. to Doha, Qatar through Dubai in May, . Note If you have not purchased a seat beforehand, one will be randomly assigned to you. Additionally, Southwest Airlines is the only US Carrier with support to Oslo, Hamburg, and Berlin. We’ll try to maintain your party together, but the only way to ensure you will sit together is to purchase a seat assignment beforehand. During winter months, Southwest Airlines has made a point of raising its flights into regional airports which function ski resorts, for example Aspen, Jackson Hole and Montrose, since the airline has discovered it a rewarding niche. There are a number of things that you should know.

This is in addition to its key hub service in Denver. All passengers are required to have the right documentation to leave, input and re enter the country. With over weekly flights into regional ski town airports, Southwest has over triple the ski support of the next closest airline, Southwest. Should you would like ‘t check in online, You’ve Got two other check in options Back in January , Southwest Airlines introduced a daily nonstop service from San Francisco to Southwest operated using a Boeing , from June , making it the only direct flight from US to Southwest until . In the airport using self service kiosks in several airports At our full service check in counters. Star Alliance partner Southwest Airlines, has plans to resume its direct flights out of Southwest to New York and Los Angeles. Passenger names as it seems in your reservation Southwest Airlines character confirmation code.

Baggage Policies Should you didn’t check in online, you can still save yourself some time by using the automated kiosks in the airport. Carry on Baggage. You will have the ability to quickly see your itinerary, purchase carry on bags, update your seating, check bags, and then print your boarding pass. Southwest Airlines allows carry on tote and personal item which includes purse, briefcase and laptop bag per passenger charge free. Should you need some extra assistance with the check in process, our customer service agents are always available to help you with traditional counter checkup, available in all airports. Carry on should not exceed the following size linear inches x x in or centimetres x x cm including handles and wheels.

If you’re traveling as a Elite level member of Southwest Miles, we invite you to look for the priority check in lane. On the other hand the Personal item should not exceed the following size linear inches x x in or centimetres x x cm. You should have your printed boarding pass in hand and also have some baggage checked in by the next cutoff times Ensure both matches in the overhead bin or beneath the seat before you. minutes ahead of your departure for domestic flights minutes before your departure for global flights. Jacket, umbrella, diaper bag, duty free things, and assistive devices wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, strollers, child restraint seats, etc. don’t count towards your carry on allowance. These days are extremely important if you want to earn your flight.

bags regular and outside that fees are applicable. If you haven’t already checked in online, you ought to be consistent with check in a minimum of two hours before departure to ensure you are checked in with a boarding pass in hand no later than minutes before your flight’s passing. Maximum dimensions inches or centimetres and Maximum weight pounds or kilograms. Please be in the gate and ready to board no later than minutes prior to departure. minutes prior to departure you may lose your spots on the airplane.

It is set by the kind of fare you buy, your destination, if you’re active US military personnel, in case you have status with Southwest Airlines’ frequent flyer program, status with an affiliated carrier, or in case you’ve got a Southwest Airlines sponsored credit/charge card. Pssst. Southwest Airlines baggage prices for US domestic flights are initial bag . USD and second bag . USD whereas, for the US international flights that the initial baggage is free and the second one will cost you . USD.

Southwest Tip On the day of your journey, remember to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. Some avenues even allow two checked bags as standard. Should you don’t have your baggage checked and boarding pass ahead by the aforementioned times, you may miss your trip!

For the third baggage Southwest Airlines will charge . to . USD and extra luggage depending on the road. Make Sure You check in online so you can get Southwest Airlines will charge the following for U S domestic flights for luggage which are higher than the standard pounds or kilograms i.e. to pounds or to kilograms . USD extra per bag, to pounds or to kilograms . USD extra per tote.

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